Eric S. Brown

Eric S. Brown is the author of over 120 accepted tales by markets like The Edge:Tales of Suspense, Blood Lust, Story House, Eternal Night, Aoife's Kiss, Wicked Hollow, Black Petals, The Best of the Sword's Edge, and The Of Flesh and Hunger anthology to name a few. He is also author of the sold out chapbook Dark Karma and the chapbook Bad Mojo from Undaunted Press. He has been an editor for Night Shopping magazine, the award winning Alternate Realities e-zine, and is the book reviewer for the Haunted. Eric has also written numerous freelance articles most notably for the Smoky Mountain News. He is 28 years old and live in NC with his wife Shanna, cat Howard, and an insanely huge collection of "Fantastic Four" comicbooks.

Titles Available from Eric S. Brown

What scares you?

Whatever your reason for needing to be scared, I'm happy to report that this book should do the job for you. Gail Davis, Eric S. Brown, and John Grover have all entertained with their stories in the Swamp, and many other publications, both on the web and in print. This collection of their tales cover a broad range of settings and experiences, and I have no doubt that the depth of the talents of these new stars on the scene will delight and disturb you.
Space Stations and Graveyards is a collaborative effort involving three of the most talented young horror writers today. Space Stations and Graveyards is a collection of 24 stories that reflect their love of science fiction and horror. And many of the stories within are actually an amalgam of the two genres.

This book is a treat for the mind and soul... a Must Read for those familiar with these talented writers... and a Gotta Try for those that are not!
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