Eric A. Radulski

Eric Radulski was born in Illinois in 1975, where he spent the first few weeks of his life in an incubator. Two months premature, it immediately became apparent that Eric was in a hurry - a state in which he remains to this day. A great deal of his childhood and early adulthood were spent in Macedon, NY. While living there, he often dreamed of making movies. During high school, he discovered that what he really wanted to do was write. The Belgariad by David Eddings is directly to blame.

His first novel - a pulpy fantasy novel entitled The Dark Spires - was written soon after Eric finished his junior year in high school. Alas, The Dark Spires, coauthored by Eric with a childhood friend, was not destined to see the light of day. It now molders in the corner of an attic somewhere... either in Macedon, NY - home of Ericís parents - or in California, current home of Ericís previously mentioned childhood friend.

Eventually, Eric went to college in Albany, NY. During his stint there - majoring in English and Philosophy - Eric wrote The Shadow of the Crimson Queen - a short story - and began writing his sophomore novel, a tale entitled Revenant. The Shadow of the Crimson Queen can now be found online. Alas Revenant remains, as yet, unfinished... not to say that it will stay that way forever.

Immediately after viewing The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Eric decided to hunker down and get serious about his own writing again. Heavily influenced at that time by Clive Barkerís Books of Blood, David Eddingsí The Belgariad, and Peter Jacksonís vision of Tolkienís The Lord of the Rings, he began the The Hands of Aldulan Trilogy that year. The trilogy was completed in 2007.

Currently, Eric is writing short stories, outlining his next series, and working on various audio projects.

He lives in Rochester, NY with his family.

Titles Available from Eric A. Radulski

Nearly one-thousand years after his death, the dire mistakes of the great wizard Aldulan have borne their hideous fruit. Demons from the depths of the world of Arioc have clawed their way to the surface, vowing to invade the land of Termeydiun.

Fearful of the future and haunted by the past, the Holders set sail for the Isle of Dusk. As they leave the capital of Tur-Loghan behind, an ancient enemy is reborn in the city of Eyeshorn. Fed the blood of innocent children, Count Dilgreshar rises from the grave. His only desire? To exact revenge upon his niece, Ang SarothÖ

Meanwhile, an army of demons launches its campaign to obliterate mortal-kind. Families, cities, and entire nations will be slaughtered unless the brave Holders succeed in their quest to recreate the infamous Clock of Aldulan.
Beaten and bloodied, the Holders leave the Isle of Dusk behind. On the cusp of defeat, their only hope rests on a daring rescue attempt in the city of Eyeshorn.
Gods at war... Old prophesies revealed... One hope for the world...

Following the cataclysmic Darklands War, the world of Arioc teeters on the edge of destruction. The bitter feud between the two Gods - - Zythra and Bazulbax - - continues to escalate. As mortal kind faces extinction, one last great hope remains for peace. The ancient prophesies of the Querenthians, a race of beings long believed extinct, foretell the coming of a great warrior whose destiny is to end the War of the Gods forever.

Michael Tearzayne, a young orphan, is taken in and trained by the legendary Knights of the Gray Moon, servants of the god Zythra. Only as time passes, and as the young knight faces betrayal in the City of Solatil, do hints to his true identity and his ultimate purpose begin to surface.

Could Michael Tearzayne be the great warrior of Querenthian prophesy? Is he strong enough to face his own DAWN OF DESTINY?
In the city of Hellís Crown, legendary Demon Hunter Cain Stoddard was infected by an ancient evil. Stumbling from the city, he fled north, seeking the desolation of the Old Kingdoms. There, he hoped to find the means to expel the wickedness roosting just beneath his skin.
Leaving Chapelís Rest and the port of Albora behind, Liam Gulban sets sail for the ice-choked city of Bahbala in hopes of finding his missing mentor, Cain Stoddard. On board the imperial warship Vindicator, the demon hunter wrestles with his own demons as the ship sails the black waters of the Sounding Sea.
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