Eleanor Burns

Eleanor Burns is a Gothic and fantasy author from Cardiff, Wales, who spends most of her time escaping reality in a tiny garret with her loving husband, and writing Doctor Who fanfic. When she can bear to face the light of day, she has also turned her hand to feminist and LGBT activism, modelling, and computer game design and programming. She is such a Goth that she read in Gothic literature (mainly Shelley) for her PhD, which pleased her immensely as it lets her use the same academic title as her favourite science-fiction protagonist.

Her favourite genres to work in are high fantasy, alternate universe, science-fiction, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and Gothic / Dark Fantasy, often with a historical twist. She loves too many authors to name, although her most influential one within these genres may be C S Lewis. There is no getting away from Bram Stoker, though …

Wolves of Dacia emerges out of her interest in feminism, history (WW2 and the Romani Holocaust), mythology, and retro computer technology.

Titles Available from Eleanor Burns

Transylvania, 1941: as the spectre of the Holocaust reaches Romania it falls to Andreea Petrescu, a Romani biology student, to go on the run from an SS Einsatzgruppen with her irascible, superstitious father. Their flight leads them to seek refuge in ancient Dacian catacombs, where they discover they are not the first to have taken shelter.

Though her father is repulsed by their discoveries, the scientifically-minded Andreea finds herself fascinated by the activities of the mysterious resistance unit that has set itself up in the area, and of their leader, the charismatic and ruthless Miss Bendice. She seems eager to recruit Andreea to her cause, and offers her an opportunity to escape from her degrading circumstances, but at no small cost.

Forging unlikely friendships with a naďve Wehrmacht lieutenant, an amnesiac teenage vampire, and a scatterbrained Welsh parapsychologist, Andreea’s knowledge, courage, and integrity are put to the test as she struggles to survive, save her loved ones, and stay true to her principles, though it may entail sacrificing her dreams.
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