Elaine Corvidae

Elaine Corvidae has worked as an office assistant, archaeologist, and raptor rehabilitator. Despite these many detours, she never wavered from the decision to become a writer, which she made at the ripe old age of eight. Her first novel, Winter’s Orphans, won the 2001 Dream Realm Award and the 2002 EPPIE Award.

Elaine is currently earning her Masters degree in Biology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. She lives near Charlotte, NC, with her husband and several cats. Elaine loves to hear from her readers at elaine@onecrow.net, or visit her on the web at www.onecrow.net.

Titles Available from Elaine Corvidae

He is the ghost eater, and he has no name.

Robbed of his life and his identity, his only purpose is to fulfill the quest the animal spirits have given him: leave his people and journey into the land of the Enemies. Find an Enemy woman?and make of her an ally.

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