E. Rose Sabin

E. Rose Sabin lives with her two dogs, Kira and Juliet, in Pinellas County, Florida, where for many years she taught Spanish, first in middle school and later on the junior college level. She now devotes her time to writing fantasy and science fiction, has had many short stories published, and has won several awards, including, in 1992, Andre Norton’s Gryphon Award for the unpublished manuscript of A School for Sorcery, a novel inspired by her teaching career.

As a direct result of the Gryphon award, A School for Sorcery was selected by Tor to be published in its then new Starscape line of Young Adult fantasy and science fiction novels. It appeared in hard cover under the Tor imprint in 2002 and in paperback in the Starscape line in 2003 and was included in the New York Public Library System’s 2003 List of Best Books for the Teen Age. That book was followed by a prequel, A Perilous Power and by a sequel, When the Beast Ravens, both in 2004, both published by Tor in hard cover and in paperback as Starscape books. The fourth book in the series, Bryte’s Ascent, is being posted on Sabin’s web site, www.erosesabin.com, and was recently published in ebook format by BookBrewer.com. Other books in that series are in the planning stage.

Sabin’s books and stories draw material from dreams, myths, and current events, vary widely in theme and type of content, and while some are aimed toward young people, others, like Shadow of a Demon, are designed for adult readers. She enjoys hearing from those readers and welcomes their comments about her work.

Titles Available from E. Rose Sabin

"You must learn to communicate with him, to understand him," the Mother Superior of the Daughters of Mercy says of the thing that dwells inside India Terrano, the thing India regards as a demon. It is a Viseg, a creature that feeds on energy and can spit that energy out with tremendous destructive force. It has endangered India’s family and blasted her fiance’s mind, leaving him a living corpse. It has made her a fugitive, hunted both by the Solarian Patrol, which intends to put her to death, and by representatives of an interplanetary corporation, which wants to experiment on her to learn to harness the Viseg’s power. To India the Viseg is a hated thing, a curse. She cannot possibly follow Mother Lira’s advice. Yet how else can she survive and safeguard those she loves? But the path to communication and understanding will be fraught with many dangers, will bring pain and grief to her family and friends, and will lead her far from the only home she’s known.
Bailey Marshall, partnered with Vic Triller, is assigned the mission of discovering the source of a rare mind-expanding drug. He and Vic failed at their previous assignment of delivering India Terrano safely to a CATT laboratory. Marshall is determined not to fail at this one. But he doesn’t reckon on China Terrano, India’s sister. China kills Triller, frames Marshall for the murder, and leaves him facing a painful death. Only one person can save him: Melalie Noris, a woman who hates him and whom he sent on a mission he did not expect her to survive. Armed only with logic learned from the planet of Thanli’s dominant race and with the gift of a small trinde, a tree sacred to that race, handicapped by chala addiction, Melalie is sent to the jungle of Arn, where she finds unexpected peace and happiness among the primitive Arnese. Rescuing Marshall can destroy that peace and bring disharmony and death to her Arnese friends. What she decides will change the course of her life.
Bailey Marshall, China Terrano, and K.T. Malloran are three people bound together by the slender thread of one woman’s desire to save the man for whom she bears an illicit love. China’s incestuous love for her half brother Paolo leads her to track him to a rebel encampment on a distant planet. On discovering that Paolo has been changed by the implantation of neural devices that turn one of his hands into an instrument of death and that allow him to view and control all that happens in the rebel strongholds, China tries unsuccessfully to wean him from the devices that have transformed him. Barred from the rebel camp, she seduces Bailey and persuades him to go with her to fetch K.T. from a planet where she teaches the love of the All-Mother and take her to Paolo, who once loved her. China hopes that love can be rekindled. She’s willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to save Paolo but fails to realize that the required sacrifice may be Paolo himself.
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