Dr. Patrick K. Jaynes

Dr. Patrick K. Jaynes, is a neuroscientist who has written many articles for the science community. His research into the problems of fraking have led Oklahoma to revise some of their policies regarding this practice. He lends authenticity to the science in Beware of Memories.

Titles Available from Dr. Patrick K. Jaynes

A mix of mystery science fiction international intrigue with a touch of romance Beware of Memories leaves the reader wanting for nothing except the next book in the series.
In Beware of Memories readers learned there are intelligent civilizations in the galaxy and one of them is attempting to make peaceful contact with a warlike species – mankind. In this continuation we navigate murder, deceit, political intrigue and personal tragedy to arrive at first contact. Can the promise of wondrous advances for humans, be reconciled with crimes against humanity? Difficult choices are made, while one is forced to answer the question: ‘What would you do?’
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