Dominic Miles

Dominic Miles lives and works in South Wales in the United Kingdom. He has a professional background in archaeology and history and, though he has also written historical novels, he is particularly drawn to Science Fiction and Fantasy writing as it lets him explore human behaviour and activity in varied and limitless worlds across time and space.

Titles Available from Dominic Miles

The Hub was where all the knowledge of the Inner Planets was stored and Robyn had spent half her life inputting information into its electronic data banks. The Hub was infallible, everyone knew that. It never made mistakes and always told the truth.

Or, at least, that’s what Robyn believed. Until the day she was asked to look into the history of Elanthia. An inconsequential, scruffy little planet, she was told, of no real consequence. But if that was true, why had the official version of the planet’s history been falsified, why had the true facts been suppressed?

The real story, when Robyn eventually uncovered it, was so dangerous that she had to escape Hanis and flee to Elanthia, where she started to discover the truth about the planet’s recent past.
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