Diana F. Fossier

Diana F. Fossier is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and now lives in McDonough, Georgia. Her love of writing began in high school, but it wasn?t until her last daughter started school that she found the time to realize her dream. She read several how-to books on romance writing and successfully completed a writing course at Chalmette Community College, and subscribed to Romance Writers of America. When she is not writing she passes the time crocheting and reading. Married 44 years, she is the mother of four daughters, and a grandmother.

Titles Available from Diana F. Fossier

Choctaw Princess or Lady...which is she?
Upon reaching womanhood the Choctaw princess Winona receives a vision that will fulfill an ancient legend. But she will undergo challenges and heartache before she finds the answer, and a love so deep and true it will make her whole.
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