Diana Bastine

Diana Bastine has been interested in reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She was a "library helper" in elementary school and has worked in libraries and bookstores as an adult, as well as the standardized test scoring business. Diana's been reading since before she entered kindergarten, and writing since at least the fifth grade.

She came up with the original idea for The Source along with a friend nearly twenty years ago; the first draft was an unimpressive 50-odd pages. But Diana kept returning to it over the years, and it now bears very little resemblance to that early version - for which she is humbly thankful.

Diana still likes to read as well as write and has even rediscovered her love of comic books and graphic novels. She would love to try her hand at one someday in the future - just as soon as she learns how to draw.

Titles Available from Diana Bastine

While in Faerie with his partner, Gaylord Silvertoes, Mortimer of Hamelyn is put under a sleep spell by Gaylord’s sister, Fiona. The spell causes him to relive events in the life of his uncle, Gabriel, whose abusive, homophobic behavior has estranged him from his nephew. Mortimer’s feelings are complicated by the fact that Gaylord was severely wounded protecting Gabriel from a shotgun blast. Mortimer gains new compassion for his uncle when he discovers that Gabriel has buried an ugly, painful secret from his own childhood, which warped his personality and blighted his relationships with all around him. Mortimer feels Gabriel’s childhood pain acutely and begins to understand his uncle’s behavior. Meanwhile, Fiona has placed Gabriel under the same spell, so he gets a first-hand understanding of Mortimer’s deep love for and attachment to Gaylord. He feels his nephew’s pain and bewilderment. Both men grow from the experience, reaching a place where they can begin to heal their estranged relationship.
When Kathleen Flynn's partner, Anna, mysteriously vanishes while swimming along the Irish coast one day, her brother Niall and niece Caitlin immediately shift into action to find her. Has Anna chosen simply to abandon her long-time companion, or has she met with foul play? The Flynns' friends from the underground enclave of Hamelyn and the world of Faerie join in to help uncover the reasons behind Anna's disappearance, while at the same time a far more sinister team is forming - one which doesn't have the Flynns' best interests at heart....
When Caitlin Flynn discovers a strange-looking man near a cave in the west of Ireland, her quiet summer holidays take a detour. She first suspects he's a vampire, but soon learns that his story is far more wondrous and unusual. He's on a quest to save his people from extinction - and he needs Caitlin's help! But others are interested in thwarting the mysterious stranger's plans and gaining power for themselves. Can Caitlin and Fortescue find the Goddess Star and save the Source - and therefore all of Hamelyn?
Shapeshifter continues the engaging adventures of Niall Flynn, Irish professor, and his American-born daughter, Caitlin, and their friends, the strange people Below-Ground who subsist on a mysterious and magical red fluid and can't stand sunlight. As Caitlin ponders her future - college in Ireland or the US, and just how does she feel about her Below-Ground friend, Fortescue - things get even more interesting. Her cat turns out to be a silver-haired smart-aleck fairy in disguise and he and his people need help. Someone is kidnapping the Fair Folk, the Tuatha de Danaan. Why? Who? Can they be found and rescued before it is too late? Add in the complications of love in its many permutations, and Bastine is once again taking her readers on a wild ride of magic, mystery, love and friendship on the Emerald Isle.
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