Debra Killeen

Debra Killeen is the author of the award-winning 5-volume fantasy series, the Myrridian Cycle. Individual titles include An Unlikely Duke, A Prince in Need, Legacy of the Archbishop, Priestess Awaking and Kingdom in the Balance. Debra is currently at work on the second and third volumes of Unholy War and then plans to begin a series of paranormal mysteries, to take place in our contemporary world, or at least a close facsimile of same, as well as a number of short stories. In addition to writing fiction, Debra works in the clinical research industry, is a Reiki practitioner and has been studying nutrition. Her next non-writing project is to study herbalism, which will be incorporated into her personal life but will no doubt make its way into the new series as well. Debra attends a number of science fiction/fantasy conventions around the Southeast as well as a few local festivals.

Debra currently resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina, where she shares a home with her sister, the author Diana Bastine, and their three cats: Finn, Osiris and Isis. The resemblance of the two black cats featured in Unholy War to Osiris and Isis is deliberate. More information about Debra and her writing projects can be found at, and she occasionally blogs at

Titles Available from Debra Killeen

Chaos comes to Myrridia's immediate neighbors when the King of Esterlyn passes away after a long illness and the 2-year-old King of Wyckendom is murdered in his cradle on the same day. The heir to Esterlyn, 12-year-old Frederich DiStephane, is abducted as his uncle prepares to usurp the throne, while an unexpected heir to Wyckendom, Katharine Severinson, appears at that royal castle. In the midst of these events, Frederich's young friends mount a search party, uncaring of the potential dangers to themselves, and traverse the length of Myrridia in pursuit. Shadows of past events continue to threaten the present as those with power in Myrridia work to rescue Frederich and aid him in claiming his inheritance. New Magical talents are discovered. Is belief in a just cause plus determination enough to overcome seemingly impossible odds, or does it take more...including a willingness to sacrifice oneself?
While the Kingdom of Myrridia celebrates the wedding of their young king, the spirit of a slain Magical practitioner is resurrected in neighboring Wyckendom. Since Myrridia's archbishop Edward Fitzroy no longer has any Magical abilities, it falls on the shoulders of Princess Allyson Claybourne, sister of Myrridia's king, to battle this enemy. But unknown to many in Myrridia, Allyson is following an unorthodox Magical path - one completely unacceptable (anathema?) to Myrridia's Church. Meanwhile, Allyson's brother, King Robert Claybourne, has his own foe to meet on the field of battle - King Nicholas II of Wyckendom - who will stop at nothing to acquire Myrridia. In desperate times, heroes come forward...willing to do whatever it takes....even if it means paying the ultimate price.
When the funeral for the Kingdom of Myrridia’s beloved queen is interrupted by an envoy of the papal triumvirate, the attendees are stunned at the announcement of a holy war to be fought against the Mohammedans in the Holy Lands. This endeavor has the blessings of the three popes and will be led by the Holy Latin Emperor, Clytus Aurelius. Myrridia’s king, Robert Claybourne, is angered to hear that his participation is mandatory, as Myrridia is not part of the empire.

Robert and his loyal vassals feel surrounded on all sides by enemies looking to acquire the kingdom until an unlikely opportunity for alliance arises with his sworn enemy, Katharine Severinson, the Queen of neighboring Wyckendom. Betrayal occurs during the winter holiday festivities, culminating in murder.

As preparations move forward and fighting men begin to gather outside the imperial capital, will Robert learn the reason why popes and emperor are adamant that he abandon his kingdom, to fight in a war of which he is skeptical?
Sultan Beyazid, ruler of the Holy Lands, is convinced there is no coincidence when the leading rabbi and Magical gate guardian of Zyonn is murdered in the temple at the same time he receives confirmation that a large Christian army is en route. He begins defensive preparations, recognizing not all of his subjects will be loyal to him.

The Christians travel in two groups, one by sea and the other by land. While sailing, Duke Reginald Lattimore of Saelym develops an unexpected camaraderie with one of the imperial noblemen traveling with him. Meanwhile, the men traveling by land reach the Grecian capital of Hellenopolis, where they receive a lukewarm greeting. Some of the Latin crusaders are attacked by the Grecians as they’re leaving the city, and the Latin Emperor Clytus swears vengeance, giving his antagonist Robert Claybourne temporary control of the army.

In Myrridia, the regents scramble to ensure they have control of Rhennsbury’s Magical gateway as the popes in Lativium plan a Magical attack on the recalcitrant kingdom.
An Unlikely Duke is about magic, power, life, death, and above all, people. And you never know what people will do.
When past sins bleed into the present, and the victims seek vengeance upon the perpetrators, how long is it before far enough becomes too far?
The peace of winter is broken in the Kingdom of Myrridia by the murder of Archbishop Francis McHenry. Even before the search for Francis's slayer begins, Bishop Edward Fitzroy achieves his life's ambition: the position of Primate of Myrridia. Edward's satisfaction is short-lived when he is confronted by a ghost from his past - his seminary rival and now Dark adept Aldric Smithson. Aldric harbors old resentments and will stop at nothing to attain his ambition: the destruction of Myrridia's Church and Edward Fitzroy, whose Magic may not prove powerful enough to stop Aldric. With power comes responsibility. But who is responsible for the fate of the innocent when those with power run amok?
Robert Claybourne breaks with the crusade and and meets with Sultan Beyazid, accepting responsibility for the defense of the holy city of Sion against the crusaders.
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