Debra Hyde

After a decade of writing short stories, Debra Hyde finally takes the plunge into the e-book realm with her first novel, Inequities: a tale of dominant love and lust. The broader marketing of Sony’s e-Reader and the release of Amazon’s Kindle lead Debra to believe that e-books are at last poised at the proverbial tipping point.

Well over five dozen of Debra’s short stories have appeared in major anthologies from publishers like Caroll and Graf, Melcher Media, Berkley Heat, Thunder Mountain Press, Cleis Press, Blue Moon Books, Alyson Books, and the Venus Book Club. She continues to be published in this venue, especially with Cleis Press.

A dedicated bibliophile, Debra collects older editions of S/M erotica, general gallantia, and good ol’ dirty books – as much as her starving artist budget allows, that is. Some of that passion is reflected in various content sections of her long-running weblog, Pursed Lips, as well as in podcasting and YouTube content.

Outside of her writer self, she’s a polyamorist, a pervert, an erotic adventurer, a wife and mother, a daughter and sister, a friend to others, a queer supporter, a confirmed New Englander, and the owner of several dear pets. Debra admires the golden rule, especially when its practice keeps people in good loops of karmic joy.

Titles Available from Debra Hyde

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