Deborah Millitello

Deborah Millitello published her first story in 1989 in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine. Since then her stories have appeared in various magazines such as Dragon Magazine; MZB?SFM, including the third-place Cauldron winner "Do Virgins Taste Better?"; Science Fiction Age; and anthologies such as Aladdin Master of the Lamp; Witch Fantastic; Sword and Sorceress; Tales of Talislanta, and Bruce Coville’s Book of Nightmares. Currently, she is working on several fantasy novels. A member of the Alternate Historians writers group, she lives in southern Illinois with her husband Carl, has three children and six grandchildren, and works at a doctor’s answering service as her day job.

Titles Available from Deborah Millitello

When seventeen-year-old Farlee cuts the wrong purse during the Spring Festival in Southport, his adoptive family is murdered. He and Dabreze, the girl he loves, have to flee for their lives to the escape the Shadow Guild, an organization of thieves and assassins. Somehow he has crossed the Guild, and anyone who does, dies.

Aided by a traveling minstrel and a troupe of entertainers, Farlee discovers he’s stumbled into a conspiracy to kill the beloved king of Kardayen and begin a war with the elves, a conspiracy led by the Shadow Guild in league with a member of the royal family. Farlee is the only one who can stop the assassination, and he has only seven days to do it!

Writers are the only true magicians in the world. They create worlds with words, and in the case of fantasy, they bring magic into our lives. Because of writers we can converse with dragons, follow a quest for the sake of good, and find love lost through the centuries.

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