David V. Mammina

Aside from writing various fiction novels and short stories, David V. Mammina is also a social studies and creative writing teacher to students with Autism and learning disabilities in New York. David’s passion for fantasy stories are evident in his writing, as all his work contains a solid storyline, deep character development and twists and turns that can challenge any reader. He lives in Long Island, NY where he was born and raised.

Titles Available from David V. Mammina

The ultimate and complete edition of the Redeem the Knight series is here. Six hundred years after the assumed apocalypse, the New Vatican has raised an army of holy knights to usher in a rehabilitated world of order and light. Equipped with the Divine Mace and the Armor of God, these knights are exclusively chosen to defend righteousness and crush rebellious evil. While the holy order sets out to portray a greater example for the rest of the rising world, one of their own falls into darkness. A holy knight has committed terrible sins of vengeance against those allegedly responsible for killing his wife and child. In turn, he has been exiled to Islandia, a nearby island, to live out his days of solitude with only a faithful dog to accompany him. This is the story of a disgraced paladin on a quest for redemption in a troubled world that needs him the most.
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