Daniel Steeves Connaughton

Daniel Steeves Connaughton lives in Massachusetts with his wife and son, three cats, and nine chickens. While he was one of those kids that thought he'd never use geometry in the real world, he now uses it every day as a CAD Operator. He tosses on the Cloak of Creativity to write late at night or early in the morning and finds that writing the first draft on paper (the good old composition books are the best!) really gets the creativity going before taking it to the computer.

Titles Available from Daniel Steeves Connaughton

Keeper Ormund is in charge of bringing the bones of dead soldiers who died in battle home to Kettle Hill for proper burial. When a Bone Whisperer, a cleric with the power to read the lives of the dead in their bones, joins him, Ormund fears what the readings will reveal of his own sins. The cost of his guilt will be his soul.
Imora the Ice Dragon awakens from the long dragon sleep to discover a thief has stolen away with her most valued possession: her son's heart, preserved in a jar. When she tracks the thief to a high mountain fortress, a Dengal army is waiting. In the battle that follows, she loses both of her wings. She retreats, belly to the ground like a common snake.
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