D. Sallen

Titles Available from D. Sallen

A beautiful Air Force Captain in Germany becomes the target of demons who make her a demon and cause her to bear a demon son for them. During her love affair with a West German agent, she puts up a valiant fight to maintain her integrity against the forces of evil.
Reba Kane, a sexually active member of the group called the Compassionate Women of Mercy – women who provide free, one-time sexual relief for lonely new men in the community – is at odds with Madam Millicent, the owner of the only stockbrokerage/brothel in East Layover, Montana. M/M is the sister of Sheriff Sundown. Reba is the Sheriff’s deputy, clerk, and gofer. Sundown won’t fire her, even though M/M claims that the Compassionate Women prevent an honest whorehouse from making a profit.
An ABM site (ca.1960) is idiotically placed smack in the middle of the Black Hand tribe’s sacred peyote field in Outer Montana. Captain Jerry Hire (a Wire Officer) mistakenly has been placed in command and must deal with all of the following: a semi-hostile Indian tribe, a frustrated crew of airmen confined to the site, a horny secretary who decides to ‘cure’ a gay airman, an indifferent headquarters, and a Russian spy who aids an AWOL airman in Madam Millicent’s Stock Brokerage/Brothel. Hire’s problems are further compounded by his romance with Minnie Catamount, the Black Hand Princess. Following a wild and crazy party at the Great stone Teepee, Hire is pursued by hostile warriors contemplating the old staked-out-on-an-anthill routine. This wild, rollicking, bizarre comedy proceeds to a hilarious climax.
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