Crista Rucker


Crista Rucker, contrary to the opinion of many, is NOT a dozen monkeys locked in a room with typewriters. She is a writer residing in Indiana and working in the health care field until her multi-million dollar book deal comes through (or she marries an aging billionaire, whichever comes first).In her limited free time, she likes to game, work on crafts, and collect bath products that make her smell like a pastry.

Titles Available from Crista Rucker

After Natalie Carter’s family is brutally butchered by vampires on Christmas Eve, she finds that her only protection from the blood thirsty monsters that tried to kidnap her is Jason, a man without a memory and with a second soul sharing his body. But are he and the powerful creatures he serves enough to protect Natalie from a lethal vampiric assassin and the terrifying woman that haunts Natalie’s dreams and will stop at nothing to possess her?
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