Clayton Callahan

Clayton Callahan has made his living principally in the uniforms-and-guns professions. He started life serving as a navy sailor in the Persian Gulf with an anti-terrorist unit, back when Regan was president and Christ was a corporal. After 9/11 he enlisted in the army and is now an Iraq War veteran too. Between active-duty deployments, he’s worked as a deputy sheriff, a correctional officer, and as a federal Special Agent for US Army Counterintelligence (lots of great stories there, can’t tell any of them).

Clayton has written articles for several hobby magazines including Knights of the Dinner Table and Game Trader News. He has published a role-playing game called Star Run, along with several gamer’s guides. He has also written short stories for the e-magazine Perihelion, and his story Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow has been published by Sky Warrior Press who are also soon to Release his first non-fiction book The Writer’s Guide to Adventurous Profeshions. For more information on Clayton Callahan visit his blog at

Titles Available from Clayton J. Callahan

The Screaming Eagle is a hardscrabble bar at the edge of human colonization. Veterans are welcome, but others can come too if they want. This includes a lost grad student from Earth. The kid's had a rough time out on the raged frontier; he barely survived a raider attack before stumbling into the bar with a gut full of guilt. Now it's up to the old spacers of the Screaming Eagle to help get the poor kid back on his feet. They better do it quick too, or the guy might not survive what just walked in the door.
This time the fair maiden must rescue prince charming -- but Liddy will sucker punch anyone who calls her either of those things.
All Liddy wanted was her space ship back…was that too much to ask?

She had the money (well most of it anyway) to buy it back at a customs auction. But wouldn’t you know it, some jerk in a black jacket wanted the Sundancer too and the bidding went to high heaven. Thanks, Jack! Now the two ex-cons each own half of a one-man ship, and neither Liddy nor Jack think that’s going to work out in the long run.
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