Christina St. Clair

Christina St. Clair has been a shopgirl, a chemist, a pastor, and an au-pair girl. She once sold American newspapers to Parisians to pay for rent in a hotel near Montmartre, where she survived on baguettes and Beaujolais. That was the beginning of her love for good bread and wine.

She came to the United States when she was eighteen and has been a citizen for many years. She moved to Kentucky in 1996 to pursue her dream of becoming a published writer. She loves dogs, cats, and horses. She lives with her cats, Izabella Pinki, a princess who is eighteen years old, and Samantha Tabby, a recent walk-on. Her husband is Philip St. Clair, a great guy who is a professor of English and a poet. They began a small publishing house >< and plan to begin a literary journal to promote the work of poets and writers whose work is informed by a connection to Appalachia.

Since arriving in Kentucky, along with getting degrees in philosophy, spirituality and women’s studies, she has won an award for a Young Adult novel. She has published essays, articles and fiction. She is co-author of a biography about Pearl S. Buck that was published by the Shanghai Foreign Language Press in 2009.

Her goal as a writer is to use metaphor, character, and setting to try to plumb the nature of the human condition. She hopes to entertain by creating imagery that is thought provoking and deepening to its audience.

Titles Available from Christina St. Clair

Emily, now that World War II is almost over, yearns for an end to bloodshed. She longs for family, but not one that includes her new stepmother. Carol, though, is preferable to Vivienne, the medieval sorceress who vanquished Merlin. Emily can’t believe the ugly visions in her head, can’t believe a witch from a past century still exists and wants something from her, something far from peaceful…
Blue Caravan is the intrusion of the supernatural into everyday life whether you believe it or not. It is the sequel to Emily’s Shadow, which is the continuation of an Arthurian legend.
Séances, psychic phenomena in postwar England? Emily, a girl with a stone talisman that imprisons a witch, wants to be ordinary, but even her dream to go to Cambridge University is far from the norm in 1950 for working class girls. Her new friends, Maisie and George, are sometimes downright odd. Maisie, a brilliant scholarship student at Newnham, is fat and shoplifts. George is gay and hates the idea of having to be like his rich father. Emily knows full well it is dangerous to play with Ouija boards, but she goes along with her friends. Try though she might, she can’t help but be drawn into other-worldly experiences.
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