Chris Grams

Chris Grams is a former laboratory technician gone rogue author. While earning her degree in Psychology with a side of Criminology from Troy University (Go Trojans!), she began dabbling in murderous story telling. With encouragement from her amazing husband, Brandon, Chris was able to hang up her lab coat and focus on putting her tales to paper. She and Brandon currently live on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico with their science-minded daughter, Sierra, and feisty guinea pig named Piggy LuLu. 3 DOWN is Chris’s first novel. Visit her at

Titles Available from Chris Grams

Do you know how to hide a dead body?

Heidi Artz is a recent divorcee nearing her 30th birthday. After buying a condo with the help of her best friend, Jane, Heidi throws a housewarming party. She’s got her eye on Jane’s sexy assistant and invites him with hopes of landing a date. The party is a success!

Soon after everyone says their goodbyes, Heidi is brutally assaulted. Rage overriding intelligence, Heidi kills her attacker while trying to get away. Scared and uncertain, she calls Jane begging for assistance. While waiting for her friend’s arrival, Heidi sees a newscast announcing her ex-husband has been found murdered. At least parts of him have been found.

Worried about being accused of her ex’s murder coupled with the murder she’s already committed, Heidi agrees when Jane decides calling the police is out of the question. The best friends are determined to get rid of the body themselves.

Heidi has been receiving anonymous notes, dark messages containing instructions she must comply with or suffer consequences. In the beginning, Heidi thought those notes were pranks, jokes to keep her guessing. Now that her attacker is dead, the cryptic messages have to stop – or so she hopes.
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