Charles J. Schneider

Charles J. Schneider is a practicing oncologist at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center in Newark, DE with a fiction-writing hobby that has produced three Double Dragon Publishing releases (CYTHEREA; WITH TOWER AND TURRETS, CROWNED; and UNDER THE FORGOTTEN OAK) as well as the critically-acclaimed Brighton Publishing offerings A PORTRAIT IN TIME and its sequel THE VALE OF YEARS. Dr. Schneider lives in Southeastern Pennsylvania with his family.

Titles Available from Charles J. Schneider

What if God is not at all what people envision? Imagine a powerful energy portal that stretches from one end of the galaxy to another, the sustaining reservoir of life for Earth as well as a connected sister world where the ancient deities actually live and breathe. What if Satan is actually a renegade thread of this interplanetary gateway; and the future of two worlds, and three dimensions, rests entirely on one single human being's actions?
Extensively revised and re-written in a more professional and experienced style, Double Dragon Publishing proudly presents these second-edition versions of Charles J. Schneider’s two debut novellas in a single volume. United by the common themes of romance and tasteful sensuality but contrasting sharply in fiction motifs, CYTHEREA provides light-hearted and witty entertainment while WITH TOWER AND TURRETS, CROWNED leads the reader into a dark realm of treachery and witchcraft.
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