Brent Nichols

Brent Nichols is a writer and trainer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His short stories have appeared in anthologies such as Blood and Water, Shanghai Steam, The Dead Sea, and Horrific History, and in eFiction magazine, eNoir, and eSteampunk. He's the author of the Gears of a Mad God series, steampunk/Lovecraft novellas set in the roaring twenties.

He's been a taxi driver, a standup comedian, and a bike courier. A diploma in programming led to a brief stint in the IT industry, then a career as a trainer. Now Brent spends his days teaching people to use Microsoft Office and his evenings writing tales of fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk. He likes stories with plenty of action, a bit of humor, and characters who make you care.

Brent and his wife live in the Canadian prairies, where they hike in the Rockies during the summer, snowshoe in the winter, and enjoy the beauty of the Canadian West all year long.

Titles Available from Brent Nichols

It was a simple assignment. Deliver a little blue orb to the monastery at Boot Mountain. But no one told Brother Godfrey that the orb was the key to unimaginable power. No one told him that others would be coming after it.

For that matter, no one told him about the demonic guardians, either.

He never intended to assemble a team, but they kept showing up. A witch without any powers. A bearman who just wanted to be liked. A stableboy with dreams of adventure. Together they will face powerful and desperate men, men who will kill, and worse, to possess the orb. And then there’s the squirrel. The one with the glowing red eyes. It’s hunting them.

They are an unlikely group of heroes, but they are the only thing standing between an unsuspecting world and the devastating rise of the Lord of Fire.
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