Betty Bain

    Betty is the wife of renowned author, Darrell Bain and an excellant author in her own right!

Titles Available from Betty Bain

Darrell and Betty Bain spent a year working in Saudi Arabia. While there, they took two vacations, one to Damascus and one to Bangkok. Betty wrote letters to the folks back home describing what they saw and did. Darrell was so impressed with his wife’s descriptive powers that he made copies of the letters. They’ve remained in his files for almost twenty seven years now. While embarking on a remodeling of their office, Darrell found the letters and re-typed them, then submitted them for publication so that others might enjoy Betty’s letters, too.

This is her first letter, describing their vacation to Damascus, Syria. It’s been a while and perhaps the city has changed some, but its well worth reading Betty’s talented prose as she relates their experiences and describes the city.
This is the first in a series of short (true) stories detailing the humorous events within the lives of Darrell and Betty Bain. This story takes us to the first dinner party for the Newlyweds, or as Betty stated:

"... [this] was only the first cooking disaster on the road to many more in the first years... However, I can assure you, she is a superb cook now!" ~ Darrell Bain
Get out your hanky before reading Nurses In Your Home. You’ll need it. Since the advent of home health care, many of us have seen family and friends taken care of by those ubiquitous nurses who come to visit homes and care for their patients. Very few of us, however, know much about what goes through the minds of this wonderful cadre of specialized nurses who devote their lives to the care of others.
This is a summary of our trip to Bangkok which I will photocopy and mail to all and save myself from having to write the same thing seven times. Please don’t feel slighted at receiving a copy.
The complete works of Betty Bain, interspersed with sweet recipes so loaded with calories you’ll feel like you should be sent to jail for eating them!
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