Bethanny Davis

Bethanny Davis knows what it's like to be a single mom; she is one. Bethanny has had physical custody of her two children, Melissa and Joshua, since she filed for divorce over two years ago.

In The Single Mom's Survival Guide, Bethanny draws on her own experience to help others who find themselves in the same situation. The book includes tips for saving money, advice on finding child care and many other topics of interest to single mothers.

Bethanny's current projects include a serial-killer novel and an e-book for kids. When she is not writing, Bethanny enjoys playing her flute, going on family camping trips, photography, puzzles and word games.

Titles Available from Bethanny Davis

Are you a single mom?
Me too. I've been raising two kids on my own for about two and a half years now. It hasn't always been easy, but when my daughter comes up behind me to hug me and tell me I'm the best mom in the world, it sure is worth it!

I've learned a lot since I've been on my own. I've had to. Now I'd like to share what I've learned with others.

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