Artsun Akopyan

Artsun Akopyan was born in Russia in 1963 and graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University in 1986. He writes both in Russian and English. His short stories have been winners of various writing contests (“Crocodile” magazine, Russia, and “Writers’ International Forum”, USA). In 2009, his manuscript “The Unwilling Slave Trader” (in Russian) was the cover story in B. Strugatsky’s science fiction magazine “Polden. XXI Vek “ (Noon. XXI Century). His short story “Outlaw” was published by online “AlienSkin Magazine” (USA) in 2007. He also has more than 20 short stories published in humor magazines in Russia. Besides, he has translated several books from English into Russian and written a few computer software self-study books (with CDs) in Russian published by Multimedia Technologies and Distant Learning in Moscow, including “Professional Translators’ Software”, “Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003”, “Microsoft Office Outlook 2003”, “Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003”, “Microsoft Office OneNote 2003”, “Microsoft Office MS Groove 2007”, and “Microsoft Office MS Communicator 2007”.

In addition to writing, Mr. Akopyan appears on stage in his home town Kislovodsk, a famous Russian spa, as a performer and singer in a show created by him and his wife. You can also see him regularly at a local gym where he works out with weights, accompanied by his two sons in their teens, or in the local huge and beautiful park, walking along the health paths up the surrounding mountains. Sometimes he takes the painter's case with him to stand on a mountain top and depict the beauty of this world on canvas. However, writing is his most favorite activity!

Titles Available from Artsun Akopyan

What do we need most of all? Money and sex? No. Air and water! But what if the atmosphere changes and oceans move? Shall we have to stop making love and money, and disappear like dinosaurs? Nope again. Andrew Barkov, a Miami’s Police Lieutenant, finds a way to save humanity using the genetic engineering. Why him? He’s a deviant! The one who was born by a genetically modified mother and is able to run fast, fight fiercely and love deeply, even in the changed atmosphere. But what's most important about him and his team of allies is that they have a survival gene--the ability to risk their life for others!
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