Andreona C. Garlid

Andreona C. Garlid is a lover of all things fantasy. As a homeschooled child in suburban MN she submerged herself in the works of Astrid Lindgren, Patricia Wrede, Madeline L’Engle, and J.K Rowling. When her parents tried to stop her from reading so much, and risking her eyesight, she merely hid in a tree and read some more. Finally surfaced after many years and thousands of books, she discovered the real world. Unfortunately, as the real world is rather bereft of were-beasts, witches, and magic – she was forced to design a new fantasy world of her own. Ms. Garlid lives in the vast deserts of Arizona with her family, a completely normal amount of cats…and a far less normal amount of chickens.

Titles Available from Andreona C. Garlid

No one starts out a hero or heroine. We’re all born a little selfish in fact – it’s an imperative of survival. Sometimes it takes a series of fairly unusual circumstances to change an ordinary girl into the kind of heroine who can turn the tide of generations long war.

Gilda, the beautiful daughter of a carpenter, is being raised alone in a cottage in the woods by her kindly old Gran. This is, what she has always believed. But the beast who watches her from the shadows knows much more. It knows that her entire life is a carefully constructed web of lies, and it knows why she is an orphan.

When Gilda is accused of witch craft at the annual village fair, she is rescued from burning by her unseen watcher. She slowly discovers who the creature is, why it is there, and which of them truly needs to be rescued. They are all part of the same long story, a tapestry connected by blood and fear. Only together can they hope to survive the tide of evil that is coming.
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