January 2015Lady Of The MistSandra Leigh January 2015UNDER THE FORGOTTEN OAKCharles J. SchneiderWhat if God is not at all what people envision? Imagine a powerful energy portal that stretches from one end of the galaxy to another, the sustaining reservoir of life for Earth as well as a connected sister world where the ancient deities actually live and breathe. What if Satan is actually a renegade thread of this interplanetary gateway; and the future of two worlds, and three dimensions, rests entirely on one single human being's actions? January 2015Heirs Of WisdomWalter C. ConnerThe kingdom that Princess Caron Gleneagle had foreseen would one day be created by her son Alexander (Princess of Wisdom–Wisdom Chronicles–Book Two) when he was only three months old had come to pass (Kingdom of Wisdom–Wisdom Chronicles–Book Four). But any prophecy can be undone by events beyond the control of the participants—and all too often by events created by the participants themselves. January 2015REFORMATIONWilliam E. MasonJohn Lohner, a paleoanthropologist on a dig in northern Kenya, is driven to distraction by an inner voice. But can he achieve peace of mind when the voice belongs to a mysterious life form intent on nurturing in him the only remaining pure strain of the alien genome responsible for mankind's humanity? January 2015Call To ArmsDebra KilleenWhen the funeral for the Kingdom of Myrridia’s beloved queen is interrupted by an envoy of the papal triumvirate, the attendees are stunned at the announcement of a holy war to be fought against the Mohammedans in the Holy Lands. This endeavor has the blessings of the three popes and will be led by the Holy Latin Emperor, Clytus Aurelius. Myrridia’s king, Robert Claybourne, is angered to hear that his participation is mandatory, as Myrridia is not part of the empire.

Robert and his loyal vassals feel surrounded on all sides by enemies looking to acquire the kingdom until an unlikely opportunity for alliance arises with his sworn enemy, Katharine Severinson, the Queen of neighboring Wyckendom. Betrayal occurs during the winter holiday festivities, culminating in murder.

As preparations move forward and fighting men begin to gather outside the imperial capital, will Robert learn the reason why popes and emperor are adamant that he abandon his kingdom, to fight in a war of which he is skeptical?
January 2015Orange GloryJohn KlawitterThis science fiction story follows the coming-of-age adventures of Kate Twillinger, a teenage-looking girl who doesn’t seem to age much over the decades. Kate has been ‘evolved’ through a military experimental project into something ‘supra-human’, an alternate and in some ways advanced species of being that has ‘powers’ beyond those even displayed by ordinary paranormals. In this first story she comes to realize that, even with her powers, she must fight to stay alive for the military, believing she is dangerous, will do anything to destroy her.

June 2014

All know Dracula as the king of the vampires. But how did this come to be? How did a man, a warlord of an obscure province, rise to rule the Night?

DRACULA ARISEN answers that question, showing the origin of Dracula, beginning with the young Prince Vlad, detailing his rebellion against the Sultan, and his reanimation as a creature of the Night—only to find himself a slave to the wizard who drew him forth. After turning the tables on his would-be master, Vlad Dracula strikes out to build his Empire of the Night. These fifteen stories lead up to the climactic events of Bram Stoker’s novel, “Dracula”. And beyond.

Forget wimpy, apologetic vampires, afraid to draw blood. DRACULA ARISEN makes vampires scary again!

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March 2012

If the Kazak Guardians had a recruiting poster, it would have read: WANTED: A select few insane men to fight professional Assassins with super-human abilities. Good medical plan provided.

Because surviving the training program to graduation was dangerous, even the first challenge to gain entrance could get you killed. But training was the easy part. Staying alive afterward was the hard part. Kazaks guarded individuals whose lives were deemed critical to the security of the United States. These individuals attracted fanatics and the best professional Assassins money could buy—Liars who could tell lies you believed, Ghosts who could become nearly invisible, and Illusionists who could appear to be anyone, among others.

But Lynn wanted no other life—the Kazak Guardians gave her life purpose. She had grown up in the foster care system, neglected and abused, at the mercy of people who didn’t care. Even when she finally ran away, her freedom wasn’t the renewal she had hoped. So when a friend told her about a unique organization that trained individuals to protect VIPs, she knew it was the life for her.

She survived years of training and five deadly challenges to become a Kazak Guardian, and entered a world of extremists and assassins, where each assignment became a deadly contest between Kazak and assassin, with the prize the life of the VIP.

In spite of the danger, she enjoyed every assignment with its interesting people, new environments, challenges, and best of all, the occasional opportunity to pretend to be someone other than a Kazak—a tiger in tabby garb.

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