October 2015NyxeJedaiah RamnarineNyxe... a genetically enhanced young woman awakens in an underground facility where she discovers a mission left behind by her forefathers – rebuild the earth. October 2015GeomorphLH SmithsonPitting human evil against human good, an apocalyptic invasion of Earth by an unknown species from below brings about the possibility of eternal life for all or the destruction of everyone and everything on the surface. September 2015VallincourtJoel GouletIn 1835 Alexander Vallincourt hires on as a cabin boy on a schooner. The ship and crew embark on a voyage in the Arctic Circle late in the fall season. The ship becomes entrapped in an ice flow, forcing the crew to abandon ship. Vallincourt becomes lost, and nearly succumbs to the elements. September 2015SINCGrace CrossAnna and her brother John have found that the only escape out of the dilapidated cell blocks is for Anna to get the SINC. The Syndicated Intelligent Neurological Connector is capable of downloading information instantaneously. If she plays her cards right and gets the surgery, their family live with the Elite. September 2015Through the Eyes of Angel LeighDr. Sue Clifton SARA DULANEY PUGH is a young Christian woman who has been seeing and speaking to the dead since she was three-years-old. As she grew older, Sara’s difference frightened her, making her think she was a “devil child.” But God sent blue bubbles to comfort her and her bubbles follow her even today. September 2015Dark Angels Of ZeusGary W. BabbThousands of years ago Earth was visited, colonized and ruled by an immortal alien race from the planet Titan. These immortals were considered gods by the indigenous population ... humans. These gods ruled Earth from Mount Olympus, but they made a serious mistake ... they mated with mortal humans and started a chain reaction among the human descendants that took centuries to resurface that threatened the entire population of Earth.

What if you were one of these remote genetic descendants and suddenly awoke one day with sketchy ancient memories, powers you don’t understand or know how to control, and vicious enemies you can hardly believe? Could you discover and activate your ancient powers in time to save yourself from an ancient, evil enemy totally dedicated to destroying you? Could you live long enough to unite with others of your kind, whatever that is, for defense or would you quickly die?

This is a story of these human descendants (Dark Angels), many young, thrust into battle for their salvation and the salvation of Earth and all its humans.

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September 2015

The tinny tinkle of bicycle bells lets everyone know they are on their way. Chief Earth Officer John McQueen waits under a canopy of pink cherry blossoms. Nestled behind the blue spruce tree branches, the little Dinky, Tommy, sits on a branch gazing out through an opening. With golden grins on their exquisitely charming faces, the delicate girls gracefully pedal close. Powdery blue shorts show off their long slender legs. At their necks, little gold necklaces with tiny twinkling blue stones accent full breasts and frame fabulous faces. Silken hair flows nearly to their shoulders and forms the rest of the frame for their sunny eloquence. These beautiful works of art are the famous Blue Bottomed Girls.

McQueen doesn’t want this pleasing beauty to vanish, but human weakness and obsessive commitments have caused the pig people to become the real enemy. For seventeen years, McQueen has kept the pig people on the blue grass. If the rat-tailed Pigmies continue their work and the Orangeville experiment succeeds, the pig people will have a sample of what the world should be. They will be able to stand in the rain without being afraid of being mutated. But there is a portly problem. Chubby-faced scabs with illegal squirt guns have allowed the Dinkies’ delicate charade to erode. Believing there is an international intelligence that prohibits any holocaust from happening, the pig people are going off the blue grass. Self-indulgent wheelbarrow people, stuffing food into bloated stomachs are idolized. If McQueen’s journey to Orangeville for the incredible orange turn fails, the wheelbarrow people’s stomachs may explode, and the real Blue Bottomed Girls may never ride again.

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August 2015

0060706288378—a vatter living within the compound of Klon—has been asking himself a variety of questions of late, such as: what is the true purpose for which vatters exist and, most importantly, why do those whom the guilders and Protectors of Klon call The Renegades wish to invade Klon in order to kill the vatters.

But ask all he might, no one seemed to have the answers he wanted.

When Klon is attacked by The Renegades, 0060706288378 is abducted and brought Outside, where he discovers the answers to his most pressing questions, and finds that he and the other vatters must confront and overthrow The Solord and his forces, else The Sunjack, and all within, will perish.

Meanwhile Gorindaad—Emperor in service to the current Solord—and his imperials seek to prevent the vatters from achieving their goal. But The Solord—stricken insane from long centuries of rule—sees enemies in every shadow. Dare he trust his underlings when The Sunjack was drowning in turmoil as it was?

The fate of The Sunjack hangs in the balance; in the resulting three-way struggle between the vatters, The Empire of Espian, and The Solord, only one faction will win. Victory will mean continued existence. Defeat…total annihilation.

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