March 2012The Kazak GuardiansC R DaemsIf the Kazak Guardians had a recruiting poster, it would have read: WANTED: A select few insane men to fight professional Assassins with super-human abilities. Good medical plan provided. December 2014When The Shadow Came To Danaan WoodThomas M. FeeneyWhen the Shadow Came to Danaan Wood continues the story from The Talisman Matrix and The Children of Lir, which began the Temporal Fugue and the Space Between cycle with the discovery of the first talismans in an antique store on the earth-like world Terranova, leading to the discovery of the worlds of the Talisman Matrix and the realization by a varied group of Terranovan and local characters that the world of Caoilte Dhu faces the threat of alien invasion. In the new novel, the impending invasions from Midhir and the trans-universe become reality. Sometimes aided . . . sometimes opposed . . . often manipulated by gods and goddesses of the Tuatha de Danaan and other mysterious forces, the principal characters struggle to alert Caoilte Dhu to the danger and marshal the world’s forces to meet the invasion of “The Fairest World” by the Firbolg dragon-soldiers of Midhir and the alien cythraul demons of the transuniverse. The Terranovans J.T. Crowe, Lisa Aubrey and Gonzalez Smith have now become key figures in the struggle, learning more about their own personal powers and destinies. Crowe plays the role of the stormcrow, the ultimate action-junkie, seeking action and danger on all three worlds and multiple timelines. Lisa Aubrey finds that she has become a powerful cailleach, a witch and servant of the Goddess, who is moving toward an remarkable destiny. Gonzales Smith, former bartender and Vietnam veteran, has apprenticed to the legendary wizard Markand of Seabright and learns of his own unique destiny as “The Man Between.” Meanwhile, the young prince Conor Cullen Mac Lir has become the avatar of the war god Mananan Mac Lir and has seized back the throne of Gallatin. Mananan, “Ruaidhrí,” who has been in the background of Conor’s consciousness, draws nearer and nearer to manifesting fully in the world of Caoilte Dhu with full powers as the restored King of Gallatin fights to gather his forces and allies to counter the Midhir invasion. In the distant city of Sligo, in the heart of the Gaeltacht, the bard Finn of the Long Road, one-time leader of the Greenworld Fellowship, turns out to be far more than just a simple disreputable wandering bard with a taste for the dark ale of Caoilte Dhu’s many taverns. He will play a role that determines the final destiny of the Talisman Worlds. November 2014Seaweed RibbonsFrancene StanleyBook Five Of The Higher Ground Series.

After the great flood destroyed civilization, a newly-wed couple must prove their love, despite every opposition. Working in her vegetable garden, Ginny's singing tames a wild dog, which she names Sentry. During their daily swim, Ginny gathers seaweed ribbons to commemorate their meeting and arranges to use them as a signal if they ever separate. Insecure by nature, Raymond tries to settle in his young bride's underground home at Saint Eyes, but when her matriarchal society opposes his plans, he and Ginny set out for his original town. Eric, her long-time admirer follows, hoping to divide the couple and win Ginny for himself. But there is no easy route through wild land populated by different cultures in Corn World, Britland.
November 2014Westchester Station - The PursuitPatrick WelchWestchester Station: the Pursuit is the third volume in the Westchester saga and occurs ten years after the last adventure. Many of the same characters are here, but some interesting new ones are introduced as well, including a teen-age girl who is possibly a refugee from an alternate reality, a beggar who really is as blind as a bat, and Amelia Earhart (perhaps). And, this being Westchester Station, many of the officer’s adventures are as unusual as the residents of the station. December 2014Chronicles of the NecromancerGail Z. MartinAvailable for a limited time only Chronicles of the Necromancer
Box Set - Four Volumes
November 2014The Journey Of OneTeel James GlennThe secret war for the control of mankind’s destiny has begun.

An alien race, the Kentorra- have been ‘guiding human affairs for generations and have taken a child from each of the major races of the Earth called the Monitors who are raised to be the ‘guardians and guides’ of mankind.

A child at the Blackridge Sioux Reservation in the Dakotas is stolen in the night by a strange gnome-like creature and grow to be Monitor Number One...

November 2014

The sprawling mess of humanity that has consumed the world—known simply as the city—is controlled by Jonathan Small through the monolithic entity of Small Beginnings. Although a young man, Jonathan Small is dying. He has, however, one remaining ambition in life. To kill his father, Rye, whom he blames for the death of his mother. To lure Rye out of hiding from the City Beyond (the name given to the outer universe), Jonathan Small allows his paranoid grandfather, Grand-daddy Small, to escape from the imprisonment he himself imposed and unleash his secret mercenary army. During a single night, their conflict engulfs the seething city. An army of mercenaries and the Small Beginnings trooper forces battle furiously among the soaring high-rises and dirty alleyways. As the fighting brings down the energy network, causing blackouts to ripple through the city, the façade of civil law and order collapses. The Rones, the human’s perfected but emotive robotic slaves, seize the occasion to rise up against centuries of oppression. The newly awakened Reapers, sentient plant creatures born of disastrous long forgotten experiments, also return home seeking to reclaim their stolen birthright. In the midst of the city’s end, an array of ruthless individuals pursue their own ambitions, including the city’s greatest assassin Tough Love, the pilot First Dog, the rone leader Attic, the immortality seeking Rone-gods, the banished preacher Clergy, and the ancient Arch-rone Temper. Jonathan Small’s desire for revenge against his family drags them all to a final bloody showdown beneath the Hale Sea. As night falls, humanity rules. As morning arrives, humanity is in deep trouble.

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October 2014

Tales in Firelight and Shadow is a collection of short stories by well-known and fresh new writers of fantasy, speculative and science fiction, retelling folktales from many lands and cultures. Award-winning authors present challenging new twists on familiar tales: James Morrow’s museum curator and his university professor daughter discover the ultimate answer to the human condition; Mary Turzillo’s talking cat rats on a legendary illusionist; and Tenea D. Johnson’s fairies deal with the dream dolls of nightmare.

Writers testing the speculative waters with their risk-taking styles captivate and enchant us: an adventurous young professional tries out a new eatery, with disastrous results; a haunted lake binds the horrors of the slaveholding past to the land’s future; a boy steals what a Scottish fairy has no intention of parting with. A lonely girl in a beachside shack yearns for a mermaid godmother’s gifts. Shadowy stalkers haunt forests and dreams.

Emerging novelists delight us with old tales never before told like this: Jason Parent’s Salem shyster outsmarts his own self; Patricia Stoltey’s ogre is not at all what—or who—we think; Christina St. Clair’s loving wife on the ultimate spiritual quest seems to have gone horribly astray; and A.J. Maguire’s scientist alone on the moon with her husband and the man she truly loves must come up with the courage to choose if and how she will survive. We discover that fairytales and urban legends are the stuff of personal memory.

The folktales gathered and retold in Tales in Firelight and Shadow answer the oldest of our questions: “Why is my world as it is, and how can I find my way through it?” For, if folktales exorcize the pain of lessons learned over many lifetimes, then in this world of fairy, flame and chaos, enchantment—we realize with a start—is the only reality. We dream so that we may open our eyes.

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