July 2013End Of An EraChristopher Lee BucknerEurope has fallen to an ancient power that rose within the shadows of history. A year after the war the seemly unstoppable power of the Order is poised to strike across the Atlantic. The world stands on the brink of total subjugation, with only the United States as the last superpower capable of standing against the rising darkness. July 2014The Black MountainKyra DuneDagen and his companions have left the elven city of Rasha far behind as they continue on their way to the Black Mountain. And the future has never looked more bleak. All Dagen's questions have been answered except one. The most important one. And as he struggles to come to terms with his fate while trying to keep his friends from sharing it, that unanswered question burns bright in his mind. How can a fourteen year old boy, even one with the combined experience and magic of six past lives, ever hope to kill a god? July 2014Dillinger's DeceptionRonald K. MyersPushing a '40 hot rod Ford to the limit, sensible Freddy, wise guy Rafferty, and the incandescent Neal McCord race over the border to borrow a Canadian flag but run smack into a wicked brooding mass of ugly, stone-faced Mafiosi wanna be’s. In a ‘refusing-to-die’ game, they end up with a bank bag that leads them to the Jungle Inn Casino. Although the notorious Purple Gang, John Dillinger, and gangsters from all over the country no longer visit the former gun-turret protected safe haven, the sprawling building creates chaos. July 2014Twisted Tails VIIIJ. Richard Jacobs

"ParaAbnormal? Come on, you made that one up, right? What's that supposed to mean?"

Well, it means you're about to read stories featuring paranormal beings and things that are...um...abnormal. You know, things that go bump in the night because they keep tripping over stuff. You are going to meet people...er...things that are just a little over the line. Just beyond the unreal side of the sanity line. Try to picture in your mind what it would be like being a ghost. That's simple enough, right? Now, suppose you are a ghost that can't walk through things like walls or anything else solid. Any normal ghost can cross the street without looking both ways because that big truck approaching will just go right through it. No harm done. Now, suppose our ghost can't walk through walls and if that monster truck hits it, then it's toast. No ghost, just ethereal matter spread as a thin film on the pavement. A dead ghost. It can't get into a house unless someone opens a door or a window. It can, through expending a lot of energy, open a door for itself but afterward it is visible for awhile-until it has rested and its energy returns. That, my friend, is an abnormal ghost. A ParaAbnormal critter.

With an imagination like yours, I'm sure you can see where this is leading. Think up any paranormal critter, then give it a debility and you have an abnormal paranormal whatsit. Got the picture? Our abnormal authors, all of them certifiable, have dreamed up a batch of the weirdest critters that ever graced a page and they've done it beautifully. I must advise you, though, the Twisted Tails series is based upon rug tugging endings that are designed to give you a jolt of surprise. Sometimes a bit subtle. Most of the time, powerful, neck snapping sudden. I, and all the authors, hope you have a good time while you're here. If you haven't read others in the Twisted Tails series, please do. I know you'll be happy you did. Also, it is true that without this gang of warped authors, there would be no Twisted Tails. It is equally true that, without you, there would also be no Twisted Tails. Thank you for picking us up.

July 2014The Lazarus ExperimentMark DeGasperiIn the year 2084, a scientist-scholar wakes up from a coma to find himself the prime suspect of the murder of his mistress. He struggles in the stark world in which he regains consciousness to reconstruct relationships with his young son, and the wife with whom he was in a faltering marriage – even as he himself cannot remember if he had any part in the gruesome crime; nor even the circumstances of the fire in his lab that nearly killed him. He must race a dogged policewoman, who seems to believe that he is the killer from among a list of suspects, to learn the shocking, whole truth – before his family, and his own life, are destroyed. June 2014Samantha's TalentDarrell BainSamantha Douglas--Sammie to her friends--is a pretty, shy young girl living in a remote area of Alaska with her parents. She is normal except for one very unique and exceptional talent: she has been able to talk to animals as far back as she can remember. There is only one problem: no one believes her, not even her parents.

June 2014

With the High King dead and the future of the Ten Kingdoms at stake, the companions have split into two groups. Jada’s group is bound for Waterfall in the north, with the intention of removing the usurper Tarel Andrassis from her throne. Carlan’s group flies south to Slithering, there to hopefully find an ally in the slyph king.

In both directions wait dangers neither group will see coming. Dangers of the flesh and dangers of the heart. In the end, whether the war for the Ten Kingdoms is won or lost, nothing can ever be the same.

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June 2014

The Screaming Eagle is a hardscrabble bar at the edge of human colonization. Veterans are welcome, but others can come too if they want. This includes a lost grad student from Earth.

The kid's had a rough time out on the raged frontier; he barely survived a raider attack before stumbling into the bar with a gut full of guilt. Now it's up to the old spacers of the Screaming Eagle to help get the poor kid back on his feet. They better do it quick too, or the guy might not survive what just walked in the door.

Author Raymond O. West had this to say about Tales of The Screaming Eagle:

"While The Screaming Eagle is clearly Sci-Fi, its characters are so thoroughly developed, story line so compelling, dialogue so natural, that it excites all tastes and preferences. Future tales give witness to humanity continuing, while retrospectives speak to the strengths that brought us to great accomplishment. Callahan blends the two so believably that it makes you happy to be a member of the human race, and longing to be part of his story."

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