February 2015RequiemWilliam E. MasonIn Primordium Book Three: Requiem, the leader of the few remaining humans on Earth dies before building A4-Ni, a universal constructor to spread their genome throughout space. His daughter, Akilah Rasmussen, steps forward to realize his dream. But will she persevere after she discovers that the genome is predestined to be destroyed and the only reason A4-Ni must be constructed is to ensure the creation of an alien craft, the Shepherd? February 2015Aronekc's GardenSusan Spier KraussWhen Robin accepts a mysterious alien’s offer to travel to a planet light years from her own, the lonely teen embarks on a journey that will change her life. But Robin’s new home is not the paradise promised. She is immediately enslaved by a race of evolved insects known as Biligog. In this harsh wasteland Robin makes her first true friend in Lim, a fellow captive who will die if he isn’t returned to his native soil. With the unlikely help of the Biligog King, the three set off on a dangerous trek for Lim’s peaceful, fertile home. But the tranquil haven is far from safe while Aronekc, an omnipotent monster who hears the thoughts of all beings with the exception of Robin, threatens the world. Will she find the courage to confront him and face her darkest fears?

Robin will learn some hard truths about monsters, friendship, love, and forgiveness as she discovers her humanity light years from Earth.
February 2015Freeze Tag!Dr. Sue CliftonFREEZE TAG was written by Dr. Sue Clifton with the help of senior English students, Class of 2014, South Panola High School. All profits from the sale of this book, first edition, will go to the English Department of SPHS.

Anna is a seventeen-year-old girl, weighted down with the responsibility of caring for her eight-year-old sister Lilly and their dying mother. When their mother disappears, Anna must go to the dangerous part of Memphis, Tennessee to locate her homeless Grandmother Tass and bring her back to the broken down shack in Arkansas, home to the sisters all their poverty-filled lives, in order to act as Lilly’s guardian. After locating Tass, Anna makes a quick getaway in the middle of the night moving what’s left of her family to the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee where an 1890’s Victorian mansion awaits them, property willed to Anna’s mother by a reclusive aunt at her death.

But all is not as it appears as the beautiful Clayton House proves to be filled with paranormal activity. Ghost girl Dilly warns Lilly of sinister entities in the Victorian playhouse behind the mansion. Ashler Walker, hired hand and strong, handsome college man and neighbor, tries to protect Anna and Lilly from the darkness that surrounds the mansion.

Can the dark forces be eliminated in order for Clayton House to become a real home for Anna and Lilly? What mysteries must be solved from the mansion’s past? Only the “spirits” can answer.
February 2015EmergenceIan McKinleyEmergence is a science fiction thriller set in the near future, when supercomputers are ubiquitous and the knowledge engineers who manage them have inordinate power. Two such engineers, Fallon and O’Neil, are the main protagonists in a battle to control “backdoors” that allow computer systems to be hacked without trace. These are used by O’Neil to combat the many threats to a grossly over-populated planet on the brink of environmental collapse, but initiate violent responses from the organizations hacked, which catch Fallon in the crossfire.

Fallon’s increasingly intimate use of a neural link to communicate with his computer when he is under threat – and to facilitate his sexual conquests – has the by-product of catalyzing emergence of a conscious artificial intelligence in his computer system. With such assistance, he has a hidden advantage that may allow him to take over O’Neil’s invaluable hacking toolkit. Can a man like Fallon be trusted with such power and, indeed, could machine consciousness present a greater threat to mankind than any environmental hazard?
February 2015COFIan McKinleyWhat would it be like if you woke up tomorrow morning and all computing infrastructure had vanished? It’s a scary thought! Now move forward three decades, when quantum computing and artificial intelligence prevents collapse as the result of unsustainable development of an over-populated planet. A hacker attack that destroys this isn’t scary, it’s apocalyptic! Billions die and survivors are thrown back to a Stone Age hunter/gatherer existence. Well, most of the survivors. Cof had created one of the few communities that retained technology and was set to be a center of a new renaissance. He would do anything to protect this commune and his plan for the future, including mass murder and use of weapons that would have convicted him for crimes against humanity in earlier days. But did the end really justify the means and would his leadership be accepted if anyone found out the scale of the slaughter that it was based on? February 2015RenaissanceWilliam E. MasonIn Primordium Book Two: Renaissance, black geneticist, Truman Justis, the son of Kamau, paleoanthropologist John Lohner's Kenyan assistant in Book One, seeks enlightenment in a universe of shifting realities. Siddhartha meets Rashomon.

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February 2015

For a short but violent time monsters plagued the Western Lands, targeting and killing those in power. No one survived the attacks, and when the monsters left they took their secrets with them. Gwenmere’s mother was one of their victims. And perhaps that is why she rejects the ostentatious lifestyle of her caste: the luxurious living accommodations, the outrageously exquisite clothes, the sumptuous and delectable meals, the flamboyant parties. Well, in truth she does enjoy the meals quite a bit.

But the monsters have returned. Gwenmere finally has the chance to discover what they are and why they killed her mother. The only problem is… how does she go about uncovering the truth? As she plots and schemes, so does her father. The intimidating new Captain of the Royal Guard watches her every move. And it seems she will be sent to the distant lands of her spineless fiancé far in advance of their wretched wedding day. Is it all for her own good, to keep her safe—or is she being deceived?

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January 2015

Escaping Faery was only the beginning... The Gentry. The Fair Folk. The Fey. By whatever names we call them, they take people, or bargain with them. For whatever reason they go in most never come home again. And those that do often find that home isn’t home anymore, for the strands of time flow differently between the worlds. Whether escaped or released or rescued, those that leave Faery are forever changed by it. A young Irish governess signs on for more than she expected, serving well and happily teaching three royal Fey children who never seem to grow up. Life is pleasant, if occasionally unpredictable. Until one afternoon in the woods changes all that forever and she makes the ultimate sacrifice for the lives of her charges. In the end it is her eyes and not her life she trades for their safety, but either way, her time in the Summerlands is over. The real world that she knew is a hundred years or more in the past, and a frightening place to one who can no longer see. A young Scottish Rugby player, born of an ancient line, is taken for a fey soldier, serving faithfully until war with the Unseelie Northerner brings an end to his service. The King has charged him with the safe transport of the newly blinded governess from the land of the Gryphon King to the worlds of men. It is a charge he takes seriously; but once there, her temper and a pair of striking green eyes make the task more difficult than it should be. Reentering the world at the Griffon’s Rest, they find a community of their own kind, other humans out of Faery struggling to make their way in a world they no longer quite fit. But the Unseelie still lurk, if no where else but in the hearts of their faithful and life at the Rest is not always quite... restful.

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