June 2015The Nightmare Of FrankensteinPerry LakeAlone...
He will allow nothing to stop him.

In his quest to learn the secrets of his creation, the Monster of Frankenstein seeks out various eccentric scientists and mad doctors such as Adam Weishaupt—the founder of the Illuminati, the murderous duo of Burke and Hare, and Andrew Crosse, a real-life researcher who created life in his laboratory. Along the way, the Monster battles ghouls, witches, and mad scientists! See him captured by madmen and forced to battle other monsters in the arena of death! Read THE NIGHTMARE OF FRANKENSTEIN today!
June 2015Awake ChimeraJustine GraykinWhat does the asexual shape-shifting governor of a remote outpost in the swamp have in common with a hermaphrodite native struggling to fit into human society? Much more than either of them expected. United in their mutual dislike and distrust of the humans that dominate their world, their friendship develops into something more, something that might prove dangerous to them both. And when a deadly menace invades from the distant mountains, Shaka Mahdi and Prilock become the key to the survival of the very race they resent so much. June 2015Prophecy Of HonorFred WaissWhen Collin surveys the slaves acquired from the Kursh as spoils of battle, he sees a beautiful young Aelfir woman. He knows immediately that he will marry her, they will have a son, and that one year after that they will both be dead. The Prophecy has said so.

The warlike and terroristic Kursh are intent on totally exterminating the Aelfir because the people of Aelf possess a magic that is offensive to Kursh culture. The Kursh are also the self-declared enemies of the Free Peoples, and intend to conquer and enslave them.

Collin is the elected leader and the supreme commander of the armies of the Free Lands. As prophesied, when their son is a year old he and Tsha lead the vastly outnumbered armies of the Free Peoples into battle against the entire invading Kursh nation.

The Kursh army is utterly defeated because Collin and Tsha, alone, are able to destroy all the Kursh commanders. They fight expertly and bravely, but finally fall beneath the weapons of their enemies.
June 2015Unfettering OrionMary JamesEllie Savelle is a well-respected archeologist working at the job of her dreams at an ancient Sumerian site in Ah Samawah Iraq. While on a break from the field she returns to her home in Minnesota to spend some time with Sean the love of her life, who is also an archeologist working to track down illegal sales of artifacts out of Lebanon. A sudden twist of fate occurs when Sean’s flight back to the US goes down in the Atlantic. Ellie finds herself alone and heartbroken by the sudden tragedy, and also perplexed by a small package sent from Sean just before he had boarded the plane. June 20153 DownChris GramsDo you know how to hide a dead body?

Heidi Artz is a recent divorcee nearing her 30th birthday. After buying a condo with the help of her best friend, Jane, Heidi throws a housewarming party. She’s got her eye on Jane’s sexy assistant and invites him with hopes of landing a date. The party is a success!

Soon after everyone says their goodbyes, Heidi is brutally assaulted. Rage overriding intelligence, Heidi kills her attacker while trying to get away. Scared and uncertain, she calls Jane begging for assistance. While waiting for her friend’s arrival, Heidi sees a newscast announcing her ex-husband has been found murdered. At least parts of him have been found.

Worried about being accused of her ex’s murder coupled with the murder she’s already committed, Heidi agrees when Jane decides calling the police is out of the question. The best friends are determined to get rid of the body themselves.

Heidi has been receiving anonymous notes, dark messages containing instructions she must comply with or suffer consequences. In the beginning, Heidi thought those notes were pranks, jokes to keep her guessing. Now that her attacker is dead, the cryptic messages have to stop – or so she hopes.
May 2015A DetectiveRay Clark...Harrogate, North Yorkshire, a locked room mystery that remained unsolved for twenty years ... Hollywood, a private detective with a difference ends up with more than he bargained for ... London: witness a ghost still seeking revenge for a crime committed nearly two hundred years ago ... Brest, Brittany, we discover an unusual collector who inhabits lonely country lanes after dark … Leeds, West Yorkshire, another locked room mystery in the City Library, a building with a very dark secret...

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May 2015

Gifted with an unusual talent, a young woman finds herself the centerpiece of a vampire hunting squad. Thorismund “Thor” Marimon at first finds her work relatively normal. In time, it becomes evident that vampires are gathering – and the pressure is on to rid the modern world of a nest of monsters. But as Thor and her vampire hinting colleagues on Blue Team One begin their push against the undead menace, Thor begins to realize that she might not be as respected a member of the team as she originally thought. Caught in between the world of living and the world of the undead, she begins to questions her role and her own unique nature. As she struggles with her inner demons, the vampires plot to use her as an effective weapon against her own team – and the world of the living. With time against her, Thor has to find her way between two worlds, neither of which is truly hers.

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May 2015

Greg Alamos is almost a private investigator. The difference: all his clients are dead. The spirits contact him through his dreams and hire him to complete a task, avenge them, inform their survivors or whatever. It's not always a pleasant experience.

Alamos has just been “hired” by the spirit of a wealthy art collector. He obtained what he thought was an original Picasso print, only to learn it was a forgery. He wants Alamos to find the person who scammed him and recoup what he paid and return that money to his heirs. It should have been relatively easy, but it soon proves to be just the opposite.

As he investigates, Alamos becomes embroiled in a plot to seize the presidency via the ballot box. A cabal of rich investors have a plan that is perfectly legal, but also perfectly possible. And no one dare get in their way.

Idiot Savant is a mixture of the paranormal and political intrigue, with the fully-drawn characters, rich dialogue and surprising plot twists award-winning author Patrick Welch is known for. Greg Alamos is the type of “hero” you won't quickly forget, and Idiot Savant will make you a fan of the author if you aren't one already.

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