July 2016Inevitable ReckoningJeanne Helen CatesBartas, an Atlantean pilot crashes his air machine on the coast of Lemuria, a Utopian place of spiritual people believing in reincarnation. The inner continent is plagued by wild beasts causing the Lemurians to abandon their homes and go to live along the mountainous coast in dwellings built into the cliffs. He is rescued from drowning by a beautiful, young Lemurian woman, Liestra, a spiritual healer, and her half-beast half-human servant. Her father is a physician. Together they nurse him back to health. Bartas is intrigued by the young woman who is very different than any woman he has ever known. He goes with her and her servant on an inland trek to explore the old capitol city of Mu and they have to defend themselves in an encounter with a vicious beast. Facing danger with Liestra makes him realize without her his life would be empty. He takes her to Atlantis with him. They are beset with many problems, her disapproving parents, Bartas’s former jealous lover, and a scheming high priest, and trying to survive earth changes. Can their relationship withstand these challenges? Will they meet again in some future life to rekindle their love and work out their Karmic destiny? July 2016Nexus Of FatesBill ParkerIn our darkest hour, Dallas Blake first stepped foot upon the decks of the Five Moons and changed everything. He didn’t know that evil men had conspired to destroy the ship and its crew when he bought a ship that was never meant for sale. Dallas found the crew they thought was lost and gone forever. He saved the Five Moons.

The Five Moons battled pirates and fought Mercs, all to make the Outworlds a safer place to live. They went wherever they were needed. Making a difference started with them. The Five Moons had become the Nexus of Fates and Evil’s worst nightmare. So Evil set in motion a plan, a masterpiece of evil. Like the gears of a clockwork angel of death, Evil’s plan moved relentlessly toward its inevitable conclusion.

Dallas Blake found beauty in the light of four moons and set them free, but he didn’t find me. Only he can do what it takes to set me free. Unless he does, none of us will survive. I am the fifth moon.
July 2016Messages Through Angel LeighDr. Sue CliftonWho is Angel Leigh? Angel explains it best: “I am a Spiritual Messenger. All information given to me comes from within and is God given. I do not seek information from external sources such as tarot cards, crystal balls, or Ouija boards. I do not seek the Souls but am merely a messenger for those Souls who seek me and give me messages to deliver. I am not a fortuneteller or a predictor of the future. I believe only God knows our future.”

In Angel Leigh Book 2, the messages of thirty-eight Souls, plus many third party messages, are delivered to their loved ones. This book consists of messages sent by the Souls of babies, mothers, fathers, grandparents, husbands, wives, other family members and friends. Included with these Souls and recipients are: a well known Nashville country western singer sending messages to her daughter and best friend; a father sending a message to his daughter, a prominent President and Editor-in-Chief of a New York publishing company; and a daughter and sister, along with other family members, sending messages to a renowned Montana Crow artist.

What is heaven like? Angel describes heaven just as she sees it for each Soul and answers the question “Is heaven the same for all who enter, or is heaven ‘customized' for each Soul?” Imagine lightly falling snow, glittering magically, and “it is not cold.” Or picture a mountain meadow with the wind “swirling, leaving trails of pinks, reds, and blues.” And what if mud trails for four-wheeling, a beautiful orchard with trees laden with peaches, and a kitchen from the 1940's can also become “customized” heavens?

Can babies communicate messages to their mothers? Will husbands and wives be together in heaven? Do the Souls know what is going on with their families and loved ones on earth? Can Souls send signs?

Angel Leigh Book 2 is both thought provoking and comforting. Many questions, as Angel says, “can only be answered by God.” But, between these covers, questions about the afterlife are answered as the Souls send Messages Through Angel Leigh.
July 2016Red ParadiseJames W. BoddenThe shadow of a new, dominant species casts over the ruins of the old world.

Hunted by a deadly, viral predator, a lawman, a tiger-striped gigolo, and a steely smuggler come together to unravel the mystery behind a remote grove rumored to remain immune from the outbreak and out of reach from the shadow of death. The closer the expedition gets to their destination, the more vulnerable they become to this Promised Land's temptations and each other. At the heart of this seductive, alien Eden, they slowly realize that paradise doesn’t belong in this world.
July 2016Day Of The FastleRichard DalglishWhen a man wakes up in a meadow with no memory of himself, he takes to the road, hoping to find someone who knows him and can tell him who he is. Confronted by a menacing black-clad knight named Sir Borus Renovar, the man invents the name “Stone Falconer.” When Sir Borus asks Stone if he’s signed something called a fastle pledge—the work of a mysterious man known as the Ordseer—he gives the wrong answer and barely escapes with his life. Now a fugitive on the run, Stone finds allies as well as adversaries, including Brook and Bennald, wanderers who have also lost their memories. These three have something else in common: a four-sided insignia engraved on their rings and weapons. As Sir Borus hunts them down, the three allies must work together to learn who they are and how they’re connected. To defeat the Ordseer before he conquers the kingdom through sorcery and treachery, they must also learn to use powers they don’t yet know they possess. July 2016Collapse And DelusionMichael D. SmithKidnapped by Alpha Centaurians to 2049 along with Jack Commer’s infant son Jonathan James, former Typhoon II ship’s engineer Phil Sperry struggles with his reversion to Centaurian brainwashing and his treason to the human race. His lover Hedrona Bhlon, who resists Conversion to the Centaurian Grid, is considered an Animal and must fight as a Gladiator of the Sled for four years. In May 2053, when the Emperor dies and the Grid collapses, the two rescue Jonathan James and his robot attendant, John Root, an irritating recreation of the youngest Commer brother John, who died ramming the Typhoon I onto Mercury. In June 2075, after twenty-two years of Gridless Alpha Centaurian misery amid futile Martian counseling efforts, Phil must challenge his mentor, the non-telepathic Martian G’rea’nyaigu’nye, onetime terrorist, Mayor of Marsport, and Martian Star General, who has inexplicably declared himself Emperor of Alpha Centauri. Meanwhile the robot John Root gloats that he inserted malware into Jonathan James’ bestselling, libelous, father-bashing autobiographical novel in order to spread a new Grid throughout Alpha Centauri.

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June 2016

The beam is an explosion inhibitor . . .

Something strange is going on inside the ruby colored beam of coherent light. Physicist Homer Layton has a theory that time runs marginally slower there. The beam is injecting a disturbance into time itself. His team has dubbed this phenomenon “the Layton Effect.” Combustible material will burn inside the beam —though with a lower flame — but will not flash. Nothing will explode. Homer plans a scholarly paper to be published in the journal, Science, a re-examination of the very nature of time. It’s going to be a blockbuster among physicists, he suspects, though probably just a curiosity to everyone else.

But then one of Homer’s assistants discovers that the Effect is propagated not by the beam itself but by the ruby chip and magnetic field used to focus it. And if the beam were ever to be aligned precisely with the earth’s magnetic field, the Effect could escape and suddenly become global. The thought of a Layton Effect world is too awful to consider. Guns and bombs would be rendered useless — that might be a plus — but no internal combustion engine could function. The technological progress of the past hundred years would effectively be repealed. They realize that their discovery must never be published, or some idiot would be bound to line up the beam.

But then a deteriorating geo-political situation makes them reconsider. The nuclear exchange that is about to happen will lead to an even worse outcome. Homer’s assistants build a “persistent effector,” a device that seeks out the earth’s field to inject the Effect onto it. With missiles incoming and outgoing, he turns the effector on.

But then what? Can civilization survive in a Layton Effect world? We’re about to find out.

About Dark World Chronicles:

The world has gone dark. Nothing works. Cars and trucks and airplanes and guns and bombs are nothing more than paperweights. A mysterious disturbance propagated onto the earth’s magnetic field has the effect of inhibiting all explosions. It has repealed most of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, leaving the world as it was in your great great grandparents’ time.

The villain (or hero, depending on your perspective) who has made this happen is the physicist Homer Layton. He must be destroyed. And his stupid machine that injects the disturbance must be destroyed. Because without it we can never have another real war. This is unacceptable. Fortunes of treasure and innovation have been invested in war materiel, all of it now useless. Most people would like to have their cars and computers and televisions working again, but that’s not what really matters. What really matters is that governments cannot get on with the business of war. The power elites around the world have determined to track down Layton and his little colony of war opponents and smash them. Then the nuclear war that that was just about to happen when turned on his damnable machine can finally get started . . .

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June 2016

A young girl deals with an introverted father, the reality of her mother’s terminal illness, her own insecurities, and a boyfriend who may not be who he seems.

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